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Fresh and high-quality cow milk is not only a good source of potassium and calcium for growing children, but it is also an important source of income for dairy farmers. Over 750 million people around the world are engaged in milk production, from tending milking animals to making cheese.
Dairy farm operation, such as milk pasteurization for high-quality milk, requires large quantities of equipment, capital and high volumes of milk production.
Dairy farms in Lahore is an important way for dairy farmers to increase their earnings and access to more nutritious food for their families. Through local technical support, Holistic Foods works with milk producer groups to find ways to add value to products so, farmers can earn a living wage.

Dairy Farm Management

  • Holistic Foods offer Dairy Farm Management System that is a herd management solution for dairies of any size that helps dairy managers to make the best possible decisions. Although it is difficult to make a decision, Holistic Foods gives the most comprehensive and accurate real-time view of the herd, covering all important aspects of a Modern dairy farm in Lahore management.

    When it comes to best decision-making regarding milk production, components, animal behavior, health conditions, parlor equipment and nutrition, everything counts.

    There are a few important characteristics:-

  • Fertile and healthy Grass
    Grass growth and quality are seasonal and, thus, a profitable grazing dairy farm system must be based on compact calving of female calves immediately before the initiation of the grass growing season. Therefore, a dairy cow must calve yearly with minimal hormonal or any other kind of intervention.

  • High Fats
    High fat plus protein output per hectare from grazed pasture on intensive grass-based systems, Dairy farms in Pakistan profitability will be maximized at relatively high stocking rates and high yielding of fat plus protein per hectare from predominately grazed grass (i.e. efficient converters of grass to milk).

  • Easily Managed
    Although the ease of management encompasses some of the above-mentioned characteristics, other traits such as calving ease, adaptability to milking, as well as good udder conformation, metabolic disease resistance and the metabolic ability to withstand fluctuation in feed supply, are important attributes of dairy cows in grazing production systems.


Holistic Foods is the leading company and best Goat Farm in Lahore. We convey a top-notch range of dairy products and reliable dairy services. Our expert group will help you in dealing with your dairy farm business and drive your dairy farming results.

Holistic Foods sells the milk of high-quality. Each product and service shares three things for all expectations and requirements: the top-quality, unchallenged trustworthiness and unmatched focus on your thriving. 

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